Brain Test 4 is an immersive and thought-provoking game that features a wide array of colorful characters like Paman Boba and AstroDoge, along with cool and unique customizations. It maintains the essence of the original Brain Test while introducing more demanding and enjoyable puzzles. This game is perfect for Brain Test enthusiasts looking for a more stimulating and entertaining gameplay. KUNCI JAWABAN BRAIN TEST 4

Brain Test 4 offers players innovative and distinctive brain-teasers that go beyond conventional puzzles. It promotes creativity, enhances cognitive abilities, intuition, and holistic thinking.

The game provides exciting customization options, allowing players to dress up their characters in various unique outfits, giving them the freedom to create personalities that resonate with their own.

Furthermore, the game can be played offline, offering the convenience of enjoying it anytime, anywhere without the need for an internet connection.



To experience Brain Test 4, players can download it for free from either the Google Play Store or the Apps Store. It is readily available on both platforms, making it accessible to a wider audience.

With its high difficulty levels and challenging puzzles, Brain Test 4 is an ideal choice for those seeking smarter and more demanding entertainment. The introduction of new colorful characters adds an element of fun and excitement to the gameplay.

This innovative brain game goes beyond mere entertainment and can actually enhance players’ cognitive skills such as problem-solving and critical analysis. It also helps improve focus and concentration as players fully engage in solving the presented problems.

The development of Brain Test 4 reflects Unico Studio’s commitment to creating and delivering the best possible experience for its players. By combining classic elements from the original Brain Test with new characters and captivating customization features, the game showcases the developers’ dedication in creating something unique and appealing.

In summary, Brain Test 4 is a vibrant brain-teasing puzzle game that captivates players with its intricate challenges and diverse cast of characters. By downloading this game for free, players can enhance their intelligence and insight while enjoying an entertaining gaming experience anytime and anywhere. Get ready to tackle the most challenging puzzles ever in Brain Test 4. Join Paman Boba and AstroDoge on this exciting journey!


Tingkat 101

Pertanyaan: Saya perlu menyiapkan tas sekolah Tika. Ada lima unsur yang harus disertakan.

Jawaban: Ketuk lemari untuk mendapatkan tas sekolah Tika. Lalu masukkan semua barang kecuali bagian atas lemari ke dalam tas turtleneck biru milik Tika.

Tes Kunci Otak Lengkap 4 Level 101.
Tingkat 102

Pertanyaan: Jenita harus memantulkan bola sebanyak 100 kali.

Jawab: Pindahkan angka 100 pada utsawa ke kolom hitung Licca.

Tingkat 103

Pertanyaan: Saya ingin unicorn.

Jawab: Tempatkan seember air di bawah sapi untuk mengalirkan susu. Lalu seret badak bertanduk itu ke atas treadmill. Kemudian tuangkan susu dari karton susu ke dalam badak.

Tes Kunci Otak Lengkap 4 Level 103.
Tingkat 104

Pertanyaan: Dr. Jeri tidak bisa melakukan Mandala di komputernya.

Jawaban: Tekan tombol Rage pada CPU hitam untuk komputer Mammy.

Tingkat 105

Pertanyaan: Astaga! Sebuah asteroid akan menabrak Bumi kita. Silakan!

Jawaban: Seret sisi bumi tempat asteroid akan menabrak ke kiri. Bumi akan berubah menjadi bentuk bulan sabit dan memantulkan kembali asteroid.

Dan itulah KUNCI JAWABAN BRAIN TEST 4 yang bisa kalian nikmati