Brain Test 4 is an engaging brain-teasing game that offers a diverse and colorful cast of characters like Paman Boba and AstroDoge, along with cool and unique customizations. It stays true to the original formula of Brain Test while presenting more challenging and entertaining puzzles. This game is well-suited for Brain Test veterans seeking a more stimulating and entertaining experience. KUNCI JAWABAN BRAIN TEST 4

Brain Test 4 presents players with innovative and unique brain-teasing challenges that go beyond standard puzzles. It encourages creative thinking and enhances their cognitive abilities, intuition, and holistic thinking.

The game offers exciting customization options, allowing players to dress up their characters in various unique outfits, allowing them to create personalities that match their own.

Moreover, the game can be played offline, offering the convenience of playing anytime, anywhere without worrying about internet connectivity.


To try out Brain Test 4, players can download it for free from either the Google Play Store or the Apps Store. It’s readily available on both platforms, expanding its accessibility to a broader audience.

With its high difficulty levels and challenging puzzles, Brain Test 4 is an ideal game for those seeking smarter and more challenging entertainment. The new colorful characters add fun and excitement to the gameplay experience.

This innovative brain game goes beyond entertainment and can improve players’ cognitive skills such as problem-solving and analysis. It also helps enhance focus and concentration as players must fully engage in solving the problems presented.


The development of Brain Test 4 reflects Unico Studio’s desire to create and deliver the best possible experience for its players. Combining classic elements from the original Brain Test with new characters and captivating customization mechanisms, the game showcases the developers’ hard work in creating something unique and appealing.

In conclusion, Brain Test 4 is a vibrant brain-teasing puzzle game that captivates players with its intricate challenges and diverse cast of characters. By downloading this game for free, players can enhance their intelligence and insight while enjoying an entertaining gaming experience anytime and anywhere. Get ready to face the most challenging puzzles of all time in Brain Test 4. Join Paman Boba and AstroDoge!


Tingkat 41

Pertanyaan: Di mana remote TV ini?

Jawab: Buka kunci ponsel Anda untuk membuat Paman Boba jatuh dari sofa. Remotenya ada di belakang Paman Boba, ambil dan berikan ke Licca Liku.

Tingkat 42

T: Paman Boba menyimpan TV jadi saya tidak bisa menontonnya. Siapa namamu, paman?

Jawaban: Seret semua kaleng soda ke Paman Bob. Setelah minum 4 gelas sekaligus, akhirnya sakit perut saya sembuh.

Tingkat 43

Pertanyaan: Ayo bergerak. Bagaimana kita bisa menonton acara favorit satu sama lain pada waktu yang sama?

Jawab: Seret pisau ke arah TV untuk membagi layar menjadi dua.

Kunci Jawaban Tes Otak 4 Level 43.
Tingkat 44

Pertanyaan: Dr. Jeri membutuhkan bantuan untuk membuka kumparan listrik.

Jawaban: Seret layar ke atas untuk menemukan tuas merah. Kemudian tekan tuas untuk mengaktifkan kumparan listrik.

Tingkat 45

T: Kucing itu lucu. Saya ingin mendukung itu.

Jawaban: Gosok kepala kucing. datang berikutnya Dia kemudian mengeluarkan jantungnya dan memukul kepala kucing itu kembali.

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