Brain Test 3 : Petualangan Cerdas is an engaging mobile game that presents captivating challenges and adventures for its players. Developed by Unico Studio, it serves as the sequel to two previous titles, namely Brain Test 1: Hilarious Brain Teaser and Brain Test 2: Hilarious Brain Teaser. Brain Test 3 skillfully combines unique puzzles with an intriguing storyline, ensuring that its dedicated fans remain hooked to the game. KUNCI JAWABAN BRAIN TEST 3

The game’s plot revolves around the character named Alexa, who embarks on a critical mission to locate six precious gems that can cure her gravely ill father. Throughout her journey, Alexa encounters a series of challenging puzzles and obstacles that test her intelligence and thinking abilities.

Alexa is not alone in her quest; she is joined by the characters Agen Sam and Kapten Maria, along with some characters from Sissy Shit and other Brain Test games, who are all her friends. They provide valuable assistance in overcoming obstacles and aiding Alexa in her quest to find the gems.



Brain Test 3 consists of various levels, each offering unique challenges with creative questions and intricate puzzles. Players must think quickly and use their imagination and knowledge to find solutions to the problems Alexa faces.

The Prolog of Brain Test 3 introduces an exciting and captivating story, immersing players in a thrilling narrative filled with surprises throughout Alexa’s journey. Each level contains tricks that make playing the game enjoyable.

Furthermore, Unico Studio released the final version of the game, Brain Test 4, in the year 2023. This latest installment retains the signature elements of the previous versions, further enhancing the appeal of the game.

Brain Test 3: Petualangan Pintar successfully combines entertaining puzzles with a compelling storyline, creating a winning formula. The game not only provides amusement but also offers players the opportunity to enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Players form emotional connections with the characters and become engrossed in the unfolding storyline as they accompany Alexa on her journey. Interacting with other characters adds a social dimension to the gaming experience.

In summary, Brain Test 3: Clever Adventure strikes a perfect balance between entertainment and education. With a plethora of challenging levels and an intriguing narrative to tell, the game stands as an ideal choice for puzzle enthusiasts and adventure aficionados seeking to test their intelligence while having fun.


Tingkat 261

Bagaimana Anda memompa pintu?

Dorong semua orang ke tiga tuas. Tuas yang jatuh menerima makanan untuk mengisi tuas yang hilang dan menurunkan tuas.

Tingkat 262

Jojo ada di sebelah monster slime yang marah. harus diberhentikan.

Untuk membuat api timah, ambil obor dan geser batu ke langkan kayu untuk lebih dekat ke api timah. Nyalakan obor di depan Jojo.

Tingkat 263

Bantu Alexa mendarat dengan aman!

Geser hingga Alexa berhenti di rumput.

Tingkat 264

Kapten Maria juga harus menangkis monster membran ini.

Bagilah monster hijau menjadi 4 kelompok dan beri makan monster merah dengan keempat bagian monster hijau.

Tingkat 265

Secanggih Alexa. Wajah monster slime itu berwarna biru.

Gesek kembali ke posisi Alexa. Monster slime biru akan mengikuti gerakanmu. memancingnya ke dalam celah; Buat celah.

Dan inilah KUNCI JAWABAN BRAIN TEST 3 yang bisa kalian nikmati bersama dengan keluarga / pasangan / kekasih / dan teman teman terdekat kalian dalam mengerjakan pertanyaan – pertanyaan dari game tersebut. Jadi semoga artikel kami dapat membantu kalian ya